What a difference a month makes!

What a difference a month makes!  All my plantings have evergreens in them, junipers, boxwod, holly, or spruce, but until the perennials and shrubs fill out, the garden can still look pretty bleak. Drifts of evergreen perennials like ginger, lamium, ajuga, hellebores, and geraniums add even more color and texture as their new leaves continue to sprout. Epimediums old leaves and stems were cut back a few weeks ago and the tiny orchid-like flowers are filling out nicely. This is a great plant for dry shade and can be a slow bit slow at first to spread, but its worth the wait. 

   My dog is doing her best to keep the frogs corralled in the pond, perhaps a little to zealously at times. One frog has only one eye and though I hate to blame my sweet gardening friend, I have to constantly remind her ‘No teeth’!

   Mustard weed is already nearly a foot high and cleverly hides itself at the base of plants. Remove them as soon as possible before they go to seed. Bittercress is another weed that you don’t want to delay eradicating. Its seeds ripen very quickly and shoot quite a distance. This weed has tiny white flowers and is only about 6 or 8 inches high.

   I’ve barely raked the last of the pin oak leaves out of the garden beds, when last years beech leaves are starting to fall. These are two trees to place far away from mixed beds.


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