June is for flowers

Red Charm Peony.. best red?

June is the time for big flowers. Peonies, roses, clematis, wisteria. There’s nothing shy about these bloomers. The ‘Queen Alexandra’ poppies are blooming out of sync with a’Diabolo’ physocarpus. Its a beautiful combination but just once have they bloomed together. So much for careful planning.

   One combination that is going as planned are the rugosa roses planted with ‘Rose Sensation’ salvia and a dark-leaved heuchera is in the front. Echinops silvery grey leaves make a beautiful contrast for the fuschia-purple roses and will begin later. Pairing plants in successful combinations can be difficult, but I think its one of the creative parts of gardening.
   Just when I was feeling smug about having a weedless garden, the rains came and suddenly weeds are up to my knees. Jewel weed with its brittle stems is easy to pull up, but when will they stop returning? Clover is the worst since its low to the ground and its sometimes bronzy leaves are difficult to see. Ash tree seedlings are coming up but are easy to pull out when they’re small. A very pretty silvery ferny weed that comes up in my gravel is pretty enough to use as a groundcover and is commonly known as cudweed, catfoot, or rabbit tobacco. Catchweed or bedstraw has tiny sticky seeds that get tangled in my dogs fur and has to be eradicated as soon as I spot it in my woodland garden.

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