Weigelas are brilliant!

Peonies are in full flower

There isn’t a weigela I don’t like, and my gardens are full of them. They’re easy to grow, will take a little shade and come in a range of sizes and leaf colors. An unusual lime green variety bloomed in my woodland garden about a month ago, and now the low-growing variegated ‘My Monet’ has begun along with a very large reddish-pink old variety that an aunt gave me when we first moved into our home. She rooted several up just by taking cuttings and pushing them into pots of soil. The flowers are the perfect shape for early arriving hummingbirds and bees. I planted one of the re-blooming Sonic Bloom varieties last summer, and I’m curious to see how its going to perform this year. The larger variegated forms are placed more for their foliage rather than their flowers. They brighten up any mixed planting and look fantastic with darker shrubs like smokebush and physocarpus.

   Pulmonaria is getting a little leggy and I’ll cut these back as soon as they finish blooming. This will create a nice compact shape. Candytuft is finished blooming as well and I cut it back hard or it will take over my rock garden.
   My rock gardens needed attention as well. I remove any leaves that have gotten stuck under plants and lift up any stones that have sunk too much. If the hen and chicks look too spacey, just slip a trowel underneath, loosening the soil, and lift the up. Replant them closer together. A new top dressing of fresh gravel makes everything look neater.

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