Summer Preparation

Daylily season will soon be starting!

I had to tackle a hellebore bed off my back porch. They had reseeded and were getting too congested. Some hellebore become rather tall, and at eighteen inches, was rapidly smothering an english boxwood and nearby lungworts. If you’ve ever dug up a patch of hellebores, you can see why they’re drought tolerant. The roots are very fibrous and deep. Underneath was hundreds of 3″ seedlings. I’ve transplanted the whole lot to one of the woodland gardens, where it will form a dense evergreen cover. I don’t want or need anymore new plants, so I cut all the stems off before they go to seed.
Now is a good time to pinch back any perennials that flop over. In my garden, I’m pinching back sedum ‘Autumn Joy’, phlox ‘David’, the towering rudbeckia ‘Henry Eilers’ and helianthuis. They will be much fuller at the base and may bloom later than usual, but I’m okay with that. The variegated Japanese grass always collapses mid-summer, so I’m going to cut it back to the ground in a few weeks. It will shoot up shorter and fuller.


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