It’s that time of year when I have to tackle the problem of the invasives. Perhaps a wall would work. No, that’s just ridiculous. Last year’s attempt to eradicate bishops weed by meticulously digging it up and removing the stringy roots, only resulted in it multiplying tenfold.  It’s now growing among a planting of Carex ‘Ice Dance’, dwarf hosta, and autumn blooming heuchera,  which

Astilbe are great for wet places

Campanula come in all shapes and sizes. Some can be pretty invasive!

was exactly what I was hoping to avoid. Cutting it back and then spraying the new growth with and herbicide seems the best way to go. I’ll cover all the desirable plants with nursery pots so they don’t get sprayed.

It’s easy to forget how invasive Campanula ‘Elizabeth’ is when it blooms with its large upside-down mauve speckled bells, but I’ve been aggressively weeding it out of one of my beds for several years, and have been able to successively knock it back to just a couple of stems by this method.

The tiny sedum murale can’t really be described as invasive, but it has propagated itself so well in my gravel pathways, that I no longer have gravel pathways. It pulls up fairly easily, but I’ll see if it pops right back up again from its tiny hair-like roots.

Corydalis lutea i

s the number one requested plant that customers see in the garden center. It’s one of the longest blooming plants, and so is one of the most prolific. Lacy little seedlings will sprout up every where if I allow it and big billowy mounds of it spring from underneath stone edging. Its gotten to the point where its filling in my paths. The succulent stems are easy to pull out and I know new seedlings are days away from reappearing.


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